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      USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
        中文版 English  
        USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
        Business Address: Unit 2709, Fortune Building, 359 Hongwu Road, Nanjing, China
        P.C.: 210002
        Tel: +86-25-84574075 / 84574691 / 84574238 / 84574295 / 84574939
        Fax: +86-25-84574930 / 84574839
        Strategic Cooperation:    
        Management   Email: ceo@usunfc.com
        Sales of Catalogue Products:  
        Sales Dept   Email: sales@usunfc.com
        Sourcing Service (Third Party Producers):
        Ms. Susan Xia   Email: xy@usunfc.com
        R&D and Custom-Production Service:
        Mr. Cai   Email: cs@acceledev.cc
        Ms. Zoe Zhou   Email: zdn@acceledev.cc
        Ms. Jessica Zheng   Email: zhe@usunfc.com
        Human Resources:  
        H.R. Dept Email: hr@usunfc.com
        Orders and Logistics:    
        Ms. Tracy Wang   Email: order@usunfc.com
        Payments and Accounting:    
        Ms. Linda Li   Email: lr@usunfc.com

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