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      USUN Fine Chemical Products Limited
        中文版 English  

      Located on site of both “SeaGate Chemical Science” in Haimen and “AcceleDev R&D Co” in Nanjing (See: Sites and Locations).


      List of In-House Key Analytical Equipments:

      Acceledev (Nanjing) Amount Seagate (Haimen) Amount
      Waters e2695-2998 HPLC 1 Waters e2695-2998 HPLC 1
      Waters 1525-2487 HPLC 1 Agilent 1260 HPLC 1
      Aglient 1220 HPLC 1 Wufeng C0100 HPLC 2
      Aglient 7890A GC 1 Agilent 7890A GC 1
      Stability Chamber TH100 1 Aglient 7820A GC 1
          Jiedao 1690 GC 2

      External Analytical Equipments under long term contract & CDA (> 10 years, continued)

      External Laboratory Amount
      Agilent 7890A+5975C GC-MS 1
      Thermo Fisher LC-MSQ HPLC-MS 1
      Thermo Fisher NICOLET IS5 IR 1
      Bruker Av400 III HD NMR 1
      Bruker Avance II 300 NMR 1



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